Urban Shoemakers: Where we’ve come from, where we’re going, and what it means for you!

Interested in joining our team - now or in the future? We wanted to introduce ourselves and share the Urban Shoemakers story.

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Our story so far

For David Midgley, it started with a vision. Fuelled by years of studying and working in Germany and then in the European footwear industry, he returned to Australia in 1985 with one goal in mind: to make a difference in the Australian shoe scene.

And so, in a small corner of an existing factory, with leased machinery and countless hours of hard work, Urban Shoemakers took its first steps.

Initially known as “Subway Shoe Diffusion”, the company David founded with his brother started crafting a line of strikingly fresh men’s casual shoes. After a year, David was able to purchase his own machinery and move into his own small factory. These humble beginnings marked the dawn of an exciting adventure, one that would see the company evolve into the successful multinational footwear brand it is today.

For David, shoes aren’t just a business; they’re in his blood. Growing up surrounded by his family’s shoe component business in Melbourne, he developed a deep-seated fascination with the creativity and ingenuity required to create quality footwear. This lifelong dedication to his craft, coupled with flair and originality, is the cornerstone of David’s legacy in the footwear industry.

As we look towards an exciting future, our Australian success story wouldn’t be what it is today without the unwavering support of our many partners and employees, past and present. From loyal suppliers who have weathered storms with us to agents who have championed the brand since day one (38 years ago!), we have celebrated many collective wins over the years. Now, with David’s son, Oliver, at the helm, we’re taking all we’ve achieved to the next level.


The future starts now

Today, our vision has expanded into two thriving brands: EOS and Los Cabos. We’ve built an expansive network of over 500 wholesale partners across Australia and New Zealand, and our reach extends even further - our shoes have landed in Canadian and USA markets through our fantastic distributors.

 Our two fast growing and vibrant B2C e-commerce platforms build brand awareness, invite exploration, and create opportunities for our consumers to experience the full magic of EOS and Los Cabos digitally via connections to our retail partners.

The dream David set out to achieve in 1985 has become a reality, but we’re not stopping there. Each year, we’ve consistently grown, hit our targets and continued our search for the most ethical and sustainable suppliers and manufacturers.

Under Oliver’s leadership, we’ve seen a fresh wave of innovation. His exceptional product development skills are the driving force behind exciting new ranges for both our brands. He’s a strategic thinker, but don’t be fooled - he’s just as creative and innovative as his father.

Our Port Melbourne head office buzzes with the energy of our multinational, diverse team of 20 dedicated and enthusiastic individuals. We laugh together, celebrate wins as one, and roll up our sleeves and get stuck in when things get busy. With Oliver leading us, we’re excited about what the future holds. As we look to the horizon, the possibilities seem endless.


What does this mean for you and your career?

At Urban Shoemakers, we believe in bold ideas and even bolder talent. We’re always on the lookout for bright, energetic individuals who dare to do things differently and want to build a sustainable career, not just a job. Here, you’ll be surrounded by a supportive team that has your back when times get tough and cheers you on for every victory, big or small. 

Our culture is one built on trust, not micro-managing. We care about the quality you deliver using your unique skillset, not how many hours you log each week. We want you to grow with us, learn new skills and leave your mark on our successful and established footwear brand. So, are you ready to shape the future of Urban Shoemakers?

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